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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 9, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, late-breaking. everywhere you are. >> good evening, everyone. president obama is hitting the road and hit the republicans in an effort to get his jobs bill passed. he thinks the jobs bill will create millions of jobs. republicans say it is a rehash of old ideas with tax increases
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mixed in. >> he says it is about more than politics. >> this bill can help guard against another downturn in america. it is what independent economists have said. >> the present predicts his plan could put 1.9 million americans back to work. >> it is important president obama get out there about what this jobs bill does. >> the president says the 447 -- republicans say the $447 billion bill is nothing but a rehash. >> it is combined with a huge tax increase. >> whether or not it passes the senate, it faces a rough ride in the republican house. >> in its stead -- instead of
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trying to embrace a compromise, he is running around the country campaigning on a bill he knows will not pass. >> millions of unemployed americans are waiting for answers and action. >> there is room for compromise, but not on the president's jobs bill. >> it is day 23 of the occupied wall street protests in new york city. thousands of protesters continued to camp out in lower manhattan. they marched to washington square park for a peaceful general assembly. they are speaking out against corporate greed and the disparity between rich and poor. the nearly monthlong protest began in new york and has expanded to other cities. pumpkin peaking and hay rides are fun activities. they are -- pumpkin-picking
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and hay ride are fun activities. they bring money into the city also. >> a beautiful day. we live close by and we thought we would come by and check it out with our daughter and enjoy the day. >> they are not the only ones taking advantage of these iconic offerings. this is the start of the autumn season in maryland. >> it is busy as long as the sun is shining. it is dependent on the weather. we have lots of families and couples and people coming out to pick pumpkins. a lot of families out here. agro-tourism 231
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farms generated much money in 202010. >> this helps close the gap for the year. this can really help boost sales and close out the year in the black. >> for a complete list of local firms -- farms offering towards -- tours, go to our web site. >> we could not ask for another -- for a better whether -- for better weather for sunday. >> a beautiful day again. how long can we hold it together? look at the radar.
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we have a view of the west and the south. a cold front generating some much-needed rain in oklahoma and texas. all of that is expected to come our way. we cannot hold this together forever. i will have details and the forecast coming up in just a minute. >> a man is in serious condition after an overnight shooting in west baltimore. an officer on routine patrol heard gunshots. moments later, a 25-year-old man was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. there is no word on what led to the violence and the search for the gunman continues. a woman is in custody after the fight at the wal-mart. she faces a list of charges, including first-degree and second-degree assault and theft. she attacked a woman outside the store around 11:00 a.m.
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yesterday morning. she started throwing bleach and other chemicals at the victim. several people were sent to the hospital. >> which transports about 19 patients. none of them with what we believe to be serious injuries, with the exception of one patient who was transported with bleach to be -- to the eye. >> the suspect is being held on a $350,000 bond. an anti-war protest get out of hand. and the search for a missing 10- month-old girl enters its next day. and how long will this stretch of perfect fall weather last?er
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> and anti-war protests forced officials to shut down the war museum. medics treated about one dozen people sickened by the pepper spray. no one was seriously hurt. now for the latest on the desperate search for the 10- month old girl who vanished from her family's kansas city home. with each day, the investigation has taken dramatic and surprising new twists. >> crime scene investigators returned to the home late saturday. for the second day in a row scanning the yard with metal
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detectors and moving inside the home for a closer look. detectives taking boxes from shelves and focusing for several minutes on the front door. after more than one hour, fire fighters joined in the search. providing latter's so investigators could climb to the roof -- ladders so investigators could climb to the roof. it was the most intense and longest surge since the 10- month-old was allegedly pulled from her -- search since the 10- month old was allegedly pulled from her crib. detectives took one bag of evidence from the house. they will not say what they found. there is a shift in what they called a strange relationship between investigators and the parents. >> it is their house. is there a child, and they live
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here. they need to be a part of this investigation. >> an investigation that has failed to provide any solid leads, clear suspects or substantial evidence. >> we have tracked down 250 leads and tips. we have checked out the ones we can. nothing has led to anything. >> as investigators finally pulled away late saturday night, an uneasy silence. returned to be neighborly. a quiet that has become hauntingly familiar since the baby disappeared. >> this much ahead on 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> the end of last week was great. how long will it last. we will see would be insta- we will see would be insta- weather plus -- with the
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>> people in florida are cleaning up after a strong storm moved into the area causing major flooding. powerful winds in october trees and brought down power lines. some roads were impassable. -- unpassable. we are so fortunate. was a picture postcard weekend here. >> still not sunday down there. all of that flooding and more to your -- putting and moisture will come here. they are still getting rain and
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clouds. a lot of tropical moisture. this thing will not develop into a tropical storm. it is going to come up this way and dragged a lot of moisture our way. the weather will be changing over the next few days. there is a cold front in the west. in the oklahoma and the plains states, they needed this. this is going to end up in the mid-atlantic region. today was a good one. beautiful conditions and lots of sunshine. 69 is the typical high. above the average for the season. we spent a couple of hours in the 80's. our record for the month not quite two in.. nothing in the record books that we were -- our record for the month is not quite two inches. readings have dropped down into
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the 60's. a nice even in this evening. temperatures have gone up over the past few days. some high clouds have developed in the south. this is part of that storm in florida. it is not making rain. it is getting closer. the nearest rains to us are in georgia right now. we have this storm out to the west. it will be coming our way. the high pressure is producing some warm temperatures in the mississippi valley. that is getting closer. that has helped bring the temperature is up a bit. it looks threatening. i am not saying severe weather, but what weather will be here. 82 in minneapolis. international falls has been warmer than us in the overnight hours. our forecast overnight tonight, not quite as chilly as tonight.
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clear skies and a patch of fog. northeast winds tomorrow. they will be light. 79-83 for the high. let's take a look at the insta- weather plus seven-day forecast. 77 on tuesday. it should stay rain free on the day -- during the day on tuesday. thursday, the rain chances go up. on wednesday, just into the 70's. on friday, most of it should be gone. >> thank you. some ravens fans met some former kohl's greats -- colts greats. they signed autographs for fans and shared memories of the colts glory days here in
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baltimore. >> it is amazing how the baltimore colts fans have stuck by us after all these years not being here and the success of the ravens. we still have a lot of fans who remember the good old days. >> the ravens cheerleaders were also on hand for the event. no ravens today. >> it would have made the weekend. been rocked this bird did play and boy did he play well. and boy did he play well. -- ben [ female announcer ] starbucks via® is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪
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>> would the raven's enjoying their week, the focus turns to the steelers in hopes -- ravens enjoy their week, the focus turns to the steelers. ben roethlisberger jogging gingerly during a pregame warm- up. he is dealing with a sprained left foot. a touchdown pass. the steelers take a 7-3 lead, the first of five touchdown passes for ben roethlisberger. here is the second. finding ward. that makes it 14-3. a 40-yard strike to mike wallace. the bengals in jacksonville. we start in the fourth quarter.
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a rookie quarterback. he finds a wide open hail. this is too easy. a 74 yard touchdown. the jaguars take a 20-16 lead. the bangles would come back. with two minutes to play, the handoff -- the bengal would come back. the jaguars still had a chance to tie or win it. look what happens. he cannot find the handle. the bengals do. cincinnati wins it. 23-20. the raiders in houston. a tribute to the longtime raiders owner. he died yesterday at the age of
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82. thetried to win 1for al the second. -- in the second. jason buying some time. the raiders take the lead 22-17. this game was not over yet. houston has a chance to win. intercepted. that seals it. the final 25-20. in buffalo, the eagles versus the bills. vick the pass. feeling the pressure. he is picked off. the bills led 21-7. that was one of four
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interceptions in the game for vicl. vick. vick is the all-time leading rusher among quarterbacks. the eagles jumped all sides when they had the chance to get the ball back. the bills keep the ball and get the victory. the eagles drop to 1-4. the game has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. last night, rain was also a problem. they got all nine innings in. two-zero texas. 2-0 texas. the rangers jumping out to a 3-0 lead in the fifth.
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the rain comes pouring down. the rangers take game 1. final three-two. john collins is back for the --
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>> a quick goodbye for us tonight. nbc>> this is a wbal tv 11
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editorial from president and general manager. >> a vast array of cultural activities are available in our city free of charge. cultural organizations showcase 300 dynamic visual and performance art programs. they open their doors to the baltimore community through the month of october. this is the time to try something new and different. visit a museum or attend a performance. this is a great chance to experience exciting workshops, exhibitions, and towtours
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available in our city. a concert at the performing arts center. or join brave souls for a workshop on stilt walking. you can find treasures in the paintings of the baltimore artist. all of these things can be found all of these things can be found at
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